Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of the 2010 Season!

Luscian 624grams

Todays first day of the season ended off with a BANG!

Ive been working Luscain for a couple weeks getting his weight down and excersizing him in the back yard and it all payed off. Luscian played the game like he never went through the moult and showed me that he was well worth his salt as a falconry bird. We flew for just about an hour and grabbed 2 jacks and ended the day with a cotton tail. The cottontails that he chased early on in the hunt where really not that lucky as Luscian seemed to have forgotten a few of his moves and didnt really turn it on till the end when all the sudden it seemed that he remembered a trademark tactic and excecuted a perfect wingover with a slide under a bush to grab his bunny just as it was hitting its Hole in the ground. Luscian was rewarded with a front leg and a nice walk back to the truck.

Awesome first day of the season!

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