Friday, September 17, 2010

624 Grams

Today we found lots of rabbits to chase but the downside was that they where near a prairie dog town and we lost most of them. We hunted for almost an hour and a half. Towards the end we had a couple young prairie falcons following us around and I thought that was just way too cool but Luscian didnt like it at all. Finally Luscian made it to a power pole and I kept on walking I got about 60 yards away and saw a bunny in a bush. Instead of busting it and teaching luscian a lesson I decided to Call him in. I waited for that perfect moment as he was sailing in to come to me and I busted the bunny out. It ran hard accross a hill and Lucsian changed directions on a dime closing in with his speed from the power pole. I really love to watch these kinds of flights as Luscian overtook the rabbit as it passed a bush, spinning both himself and the rabbit. I made in real quick and dispatched with the idea in mind that I was going to let him crop up real good for this hunt. I want to reward him well for this hunt as he really gave me his 100%. This also affords me to spend a day or two with Sonya, my new female Harris hawk as I want to hopefully get her outside on the creance soon.

I cant wait till it cools off. It is so hot by 10 am and no fun at all in pants and snake guards.

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