Friday, February 19, 2010

610 Grams

Well its been almost 3 weeks since I have gotten to take Luscian out. The first week I was dealing with the death of my Father and the next two I was dealing with being on graveyard shift and inventory for work that involved 12-13 hours a day.

So Today We finally got a chance to get out. Today was a good day for a little industrial Hunting. I went to the CSU with Noah and he had a friend that could get us into an area that is normally locked and fenced. That seems to be the area that all the rabbits run and end up healthy to live another day. This area has a large shed that the rabbits go to. Surrounding inside the fenced area are large poles and a playground of sorts for adults that want to be high up in the air practicing climbing and such. Luscian was very anxious today and seemed great for a good time. Once we got him out to the field he was very active, changing positions often and following every step we made. We started on a rabbit that we saw run out to the edge of the field near the fence line. Well the bunny got flushed and ran for the fence with luscian in tow. Luscian ended up hitting the fence as the rabbit went under it. The rabbit went under a evergreen tree and we got luscian back up on the fence. Once lusian saw the bunny as we where working on the right slip, Luscian took off after it in the tree and lost it but nearly had it. The rabbit then ran for the large shed. We got Luscian up on one of the poles that was at least 50 feet up. Noah and I got the rabbit running and I think Luscian traveled farther than the bunny did. Luscian wrapped it up nicely. Noah got to the catch before I did and grabbed the back legs passing it to me when I got there for the stretch. I let Luscian pluck fur for a few and pulled a leg for him to eat after a few minutes. I thought that the hunt was over so we did some jump ups where I threw food up in the air for him to go catch. Noah had a couple of his friends along and they really enjoyed watching the event. On the way back to the truck I noticed 3 new culverts that where put in, in the past couple weeks. I looked in 2 and found 2 rabbits. Well with Luscian having a good amount to eat I decided that we where going to still try it. We got out the mechanical Ferret and Luscian took off super fast as it exited the pipe. the rabbit was running towards another evergreen and it was a new one so the grounds people had poles in the ground to help support the new trees. Just as Luscian grabbed the bunny, not 40 feet from me he hit his wing and possibly his leg on this wood dowel that was as thick as a baseball and spun, loosing the rabbit but taking away a whole fist full of fur. Instantly he pulled up a leg and started talking to me as I came to him. I think he may half been hurting but the good tidbit showed me that everything was in working order as he came for more food. So my bird is ok and he did bag one bunny. We needed that as we have had a dry spell finding bunnies. We are both happier for that for sure.


  1. way to go buddy glad to see your back at it with him and sorry to hear about the death i hope all is goind to be ok your way congrats on the catch

  2. Good to have you back - and hunting.